Stress + Whole30

STRESS.  Everyone experiences it, some know how to manage it, some think they know, and others (like me) often feel controlled by their stress.  Stress is tough to manage--even when you think you've figured it out, life throws you a curveball and it makes things challenging again.

I used to live by the excuse that I "couldn't eat healthy because I was too busy and too stressed out."  I really didn't make time for myself because I was using the excuse that I had too much going on to do so.  

It may have taken me years to get real with myself, but I finally did it.  When I began my first Whole30, I acknowledged for the first time that I needed to stop making excuses and put myself first for once.  It was (at the time), a small decision but it has quickly turned into a revolutionary decision for me.

I finally realized (after a lot of trial and error), that putting myself first--and by that, I mean eating Whole30 and not making excuses about it, made room for so much goodness in my life.  After those first thirty days, it really felt like things just fell into place.  I finally felt like I had gained back control over my own life and was in the driver's seat rather than the passenger seat.  

Stress is managed when you CHOOSE to take control of your life and the circumstances you find yourself in, not the other way around.  When I began setting the foundation of health in my life, it seemed that everything got easier.  But that doesn't mean by circumstances got easier--it means that it got easier to handle things.  I now take great joy and comfort in Whole30 because for me, it sets the platform for taking care of myself in a radical way.  I am working on my sense of self love and self care, but I know that in its most basic form, if I choose to put goodness on my plate, I can "check the box" of taking care of myself for that day.  This also *usually* spirals into making better choices for myself all day: drinking more water, being active, getting sleep, etc.

Using Whole30 to combat my stress has become habit at this point and it is one of the easiest tools I can arm myself with.  When you stop making excuses for yourself, it is amazing how much can change.